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The 2012 Editorial Team

We are your editors of Honi Soit for 2012! Below are some of the highlights from our election campaign website.

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We are your editors of Honi Soit for 2012! Below are some of the highlights from our election campaign website.

Paul Henry Ellis Arts IV

  • Honi Soit Reporter 2010-11
  • Kmart Sylvania, Checkout Man February 2008 – July 2032 (Arts IV)
  • Bull Magazine, Hermes, ARNA Contributor 2011
  • Creative Editor, ARNA Literary Journal 2011
  • SASS Director of Publications 2010
  • Editor-in-Chief, ARNA Literary Journal 2010
  • ARNA Contributor 2009
  • SURG broadcaster 2008
  • Not Rupert Murdoch
  • Has lost less elections than Michael Falk
  • Earlier in the year disingenuously considered running for Honi alone on a super super ticket called “One for Honi”

Rosie Marks-Smith Arts IV

  • O-Week Director 2011
  • Known for her colourful plumage and sensual spring-time courtship dance.
  • El Presidente Sydney Uni Symphony Orchestra 2011
  • Jazz Soc Secretary 2011
  • Lighting Tech SUDS
  • The Sirens Band Member
  • 1/16 Jamaican
  • Muse Musicals
  • Editor NSW department of Education- Brail and Large Print (not. a. joke.)
  • Learnt to do the worm, 2006
  • Stopped doing the worm, 2009
  • Directed Festival 21
  • Registered baseball scorer
  • “I’m not funny”

James Alexander, Engineering/Computer Science IV

  • Blogger, Sydney Loves Techno Blog 2008-09
  • President of Sydney Uni IT Society 2010-11
  • Followed by KRudd, JuliaG, Ghostly and future classic on twitter
  • Undergrad Rep for Faculty of Engineering and IT Board 2011
  • DJ Director and co-founder of Beat The System Music Society 2010-11
  • Founder and organiser of Minimal Mondays at Manning Bar 2009-11
  • Society Liason for Electronic Games and Arts Development 2011
  • Online Web Consultant Deloitte Online 2011
  • Software Developer Atlassian Software Systems – 2009-10
  • Founder and resident DJ of Space Cadets – Underground Techno night in
  • the depths of the Cross
  • Official Law Revue after-party DJ for three years running 2003-2005
  • Knows tech, yeah.
  • Helped popularize Lolcatz, Double Rainbow
  • Made honisoit.com fucking sick
  • Will make honisoit.com fucking sick.

Michael Koziol Arts (Meco) IV

  • Sydney Uni Radio Group President, 2008-present
  • Honi Soit Reporter, 2011
  • Writer, published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Drum, The Punch,
  • The National Times and The Bondi View
  • MECO Society Vice-President, 2010
  • Self-proclaimed member of the Twitterati
  • Debater, contrarian, agitator, lover
  • Queer Honi editor 2011
  • Shades Executive without portfolio (like the Berlusconi cabinet but
  • less problematic)
  • Bull Magazine contributor
  • Former intern at ABC News 24 and currently working at Australian
  • Financial Review
  • Founder of high school satirical magazine ‘The Dodo’. A prophetic
  • name, as it turned out, but the candle that burns half as long burns twice as bright
  • Public school patriot
  • Will never forgive John Kerr


Kira Spucys- Tahar Arts (Meco) III

  • Bull Magazine editor 2011
  • Media and Communications Society President 2011-12, Secretary, 2010-11
  • Politics Society Events Coordinator 2010-11
  • Sydney Festival Publicity Intern 2010-11
  • Hermes Contributor, 2011
  • Media & Publications Officer Australian Women’s Debating Championships 2010
  • Knows the difference between World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Mortal Combat
  • Deputy Under-secretary General Marketing, Sydney Model United Nations Conference 2010
  • AMUNC and SydMUN press gallery representative, 2010
  • Schools Programme Co-Director, Debates Committee 2011
  • Under-5 Tricycle Champion, mid 90s
  • Sydney Morning Herald Contributor
  • SURG Broadcaster
  • Has a cool surname (thank you multicultural, ethnic parents!)

James O’Doherty Arts (Meco)/Law II

  • SURG Treasurer, presenter and beer-peddler 2010-11
  • MECO society PR and Events officer (and coiffed poster boy) 2011
  • Honi Soit reporter 2011
  • Has a prehensile tail for climbing trees and reaching low-lying fruit
  • Interned at the ABC, Macquarie News, 2GB and 2UE
  • Writer for The AU Review and The Brag
  • MusicFeeds.com.au blogger
  • 1994: Defeated his uncle to become the rightful ruler of Pride Rock
  • Has linked his Facebook and Twitter accounts for ultimate social-media efficiency
  • Has webbed feet and sticky toes for sticking to surfaces.
  • cReAtIvE!!11!

Jack Gow Arts (Meco) II

  • Chaser production assistant, runner and die-hard (read: do anything so long as it’ll end up on TV) extra – Yes We Canberra!, The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary, Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable and a new show currently in pre-production
  • Sydney Uni Radio Group Secretary, presenter & bar-tab enthusiast 2010-11
  • MECOSOC Publicity Officer 2011
  • Honi Soit contributor 2011
  • Arts Revue 2011, cast member/writer
  • SUDS Major Production 2011 – Something Just Happened – perfomer/writer
  • Project 52 Comedy regular – Hermann’s Heroes, Make Way for Ducklings and Story Club
  • Contributor, Hermes 2011
  • Grand-Finalist, Kirby Cup Plain-Speaking Competition 2010
  • Palladian Cup Winner 2010
  • Graduate, Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS)
  • Graduate, NIDA’s Young Actor’s Studio
  • Interned at Parliament House
  • Totally studies Mandarin, what of it?!
  • Paid the same as James for this haircut because I recommended the hairdresser
  • Aspiring stand-up comedian!
  • Just had Phillip Adams walk past my desk at the ABC and say “hi” (I shit you not!)
  • Works on the same floor (read: regularly shares an elevator) with Margaret & David, boi!


Hannah Bruce Arts/Law IV

  • Producer/Secretary/Back-up dancer in The 2011 Arts Revue or How We Learnt to Love Again
  • Producer SUDS Major Something Just Happened 2011
  • Digs a good macaroon
  • Co-director and producer of Rupert Jones Gets to Kiss a Real Life Girl 2011
  • Cast member of SUDS production of Stags and Hens 2011
  • SUDS Cellar Officer 2011
  • Stage manager, lighting assistant and cast member of various SUDS productions 2010, 2011
  • Redfern Legal Centre Volunteer 2010, 2011
  • Mother Bruce
  • Member of Sydney University Law Society’s Social Inclusion Road-Trip 2010
  • Honi Soit contributor 2011
  • Poet (wank, wank, wank)
  • Social justice comrade
  • Tipi-dweller for six months
  • Assistant director of ‘All But Won’ Sydney Fringe Festival 2011
  • Overly energetic north coast hippy

Connie Soit Arts (Meco)/Law II

  • Rorted NSW working families as state elections polling officer “No you definitely do live in this safe Sex Party seat”.
  • Editor, Hermes 2011
  • MECOsoc Treasurer 2011-12
  • Publicity Officer for Sydney Uni Radio Group 2010-11
  • SURG regular drive-time/drive-by presenter 2010-11
  • Contributor, Women’s Honi Soit
  • Published in ARNA 2011, University of Sydney Anthology 2010, 2011
  • ESL (hAHAhA)
  • Intern waif: entitling oneself to Arnott’s Milk Arrowroot Biscuits® at ABC Pool and Sound Alliance
  • Pretends to be a gay man writing news for samesame.com.au
  • Pretends to be the average aspirational punter writing for fasterlouder.com.au
  • One-time Hero at Project 52’s Hermann’s Heroes, makin’ sweet jam at Theatresports®.
  • Something something feminist et al.
  • Downing Centre District Court legal assistant.
  • Reads and cherishes every single email from Greg Sherington.
  • Double racist, I mean, bassist.

Bebe D’Zooza Arts/Law (II)

  • Fervent supporter of 0.7 point pens, obnoxiously coloured blazers, and the oxford comma.
  • Featured in The Vine, Beat Magazine and The Dwarf.
  • Inter-varsity Officer of the Sydney Uni Debates Committee 2011.
  • Finalist at both the Australian and Australasian inter-varsity debating championships in 2010 and 2011 respectively.
  • Bull Contributor 2011
  • Ambiguously ethnic.
  • Co-ordinated ‘Fund-A-Lentil’, a Melbourne based benefit concert to save vegetarian soup kitchen Lentil-As-Anything, featuring the Priory Dolls, Naysayer and Gilsun and Youtube sensation Bangs. Will take you to the
  • movies.
  • Promotions Team for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition 2011
  • Changes hair-colour fortnightly. Disgustingly hipster.
  • Token Black, Law Revue 2011.
  • Contestant on 1 vs 100 on the same day Eddie McGuire resigned from his
  • position as CEO of Channel Nine. Not a coincidence

Our lovely campaign photos by Will Argent

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