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Sydney’s FRAMES

Angus Farrell talks with the renowned fbi presenter and up-and-coming Sydney artist.

A DJ at some of Australia’s most well respected parties and venues, host of Late Night Social on Sydney’s FBi Radio 94.5FM and a self-described “general music dude”, DJ Frames has certainly earned his chops. He acts as curator extraordinaire of forward thinking dance music, programming a weekly schedule of guest DJs and his own mixing talents on the cult station. “Nothing is taboo,” he notes.

Honi: So how did you first get involved in DJ’ing? House Parties? Older brothers donated Technics 1200’s?

Frames: It’s super cliché but I was just working in a record store and decided to use my staff discount to explore my curiosity.

Most messy gig?

Splendour in 2010 was literally the messiest – building a ‘Jager cube’ over a mud pit does not make for a delightful smell. Throw a lack of nearby toilets in the mix and a bunch of Jager… Fun though!

How about your most straight and narrow gig?

I don’t think I’ve ever been on better behaviour than DJ’ing one of my best

mate’s weddings. I was that nervous

about it until I realised that I held the power to spontaneously make a room of people I don’t know begin to line dance by playing ‘Nutbush City Limits’. After that realisation I definitely started to overindulge a little.

Best set you’ve ever seen? Describe the night

There’s been so many great gigs over the past year or so – Tim Sweeney, Shit Robot, Mike Simonetti, DJ Oneman and Jacques Renault are always ‘must-see’ for me. A five-hour Soul Clap set in Berlin on NYE last year was also pretty bloody fantastic. Most recently I was blown away by how good Nile Rodgers & Chic were at the Metro – closest I’ll ever come to Studio 54!

Describe your music, without mentioning genres.

Shifting handclaps, grooving bass loops, stabbing chords, cascading arpeggiators, hinted vocals and a slight tendency to get just the right amount of weird.

So what can we expect from you at Beachball this Thursday? Expect the unexpected?

Deep yet funky, cool yet classy, edgy yet familiar. Mostly it’ll be a bunch of fun and a mix of things you might know and things you might not. I’m looking forward to it.

DJ Frames is playing this Thursday night at Beachball on the Beat the System Stage.