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Eureka! Sydney Uni’s got talent

Seven academics in science and information technology are shortlisted for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, reports Connie Ye

Credit: Chase Elliott


Credit: Chase Elliott

The country’s largest prizes for science includes within its finalists four individual academics and one team of scientists from the University of Sydney.  The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, presented annually by the Australian Museum, reward achievement and excellence in a variety of fields including research and innovation, leadership and commercialisation.

Associate Professor Min Chen, Professor Tony Weiss, Dr Michael Biercuk, Professor Seok-Hee Hong were the individual finalists representing both the Science and the Engineering and Information Technologies faculties. From the Westmead Millennium Institute a team led by Associate Professor David Booth, Professor Graeme Stewart, and Professor Jacob George are in the running for the Medical Research Translation prize.

Many of these academics have had their work acknowledged and are renowned for being world leaders in their fields of research. To list but a few of their achievements, Associate Professor Min Chen discovered the first new cholorphyll in over 60 years, while Professor Tony Weiss has been working on transferring his research on tropoelastin into clinical applications for human tissue repair.

The prize winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner on August 28. Members of the judging panel include Chancellor of Monash University Dr Alan Finkel and presenter of ABC Radio National’s The Science Show, Dr Robyn Williams.