Top 5 classic cheap student meals


5. Pasta


A much-loved classic, large-scale pasta cooking should by no means be limited to Norton Street abodes. Large amounts of spaghetti or fettuccine can be prepared with any sauce you desire, with remaining leftovers making for quick meals. (Really, though – pasta tastes just as good, if not better, when re-heated). The recently widespread availability of gluten-free pasta options means that our gluten-free friends can also rejoice in the wonders of home-cooked Bolognese.

4. The Trusty Sandwich


Whether you’re a fan of the crunch of crispy lettuce on freshly toasted bread or simply lack the will to cook, sandwiches rightly deserve their high-end spot on the student’s nutritional pyramid. The myriad options for fillings mean that sandwich diversity is limited only by one’s imagination. Sandwiches can be loaded with veggies and dips or, for the Breville owners amongst you, different cheeses, and taken just about anywhere from your front veranda to the law lawns.

 3. Instant Noodles
Hordes of Mi-Goreng packets line cramped pantries all over Inner-West student share houses for a good reason. At less than a dollar per packet, Mi-Goreng noodles offer a quick and greasy option for those pressed for time … or doing an engineering degree. Other brands like Maggi and Fantastic warrant a mention for their flavour range and similarly low prices. Minimal dish-washing involved.
2. King St Thai
Failing to mention the student dining Valhalla that is the King St Thai restaurant institution would be an unforgivable faux pas of sorts. From the Thai La-Ongs to Thairiffic, the Newtown Thai establishments offer a variety of promptly dished-up meals that don’t break the bank. The variety of vegetarian and vegan options make Thai cuisine a favourite option for large groups that need to accommodate for varied diets.
 1. Belly Button Fluff
Naturally occurring, sustainable, and (vaguely) nutritious, belly button fluff, or navel lint as it’s scientifically known, has long been a staple of the poverty-stricken student. Belly button fluff is the result of clothes fibres rubbing against stomach hair so if you were thinking of trimming your snail trail think again! Heavier, wool-based fabrics will create a heavier lint more suitable for the winter months.