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UniGames netball: booze and bonding

Bebe D’Souza couldn’t help but screen-grab this one

The equally classy Facebook picture accompanying the event description
The equally classy Facebook picture accompanying the event description

Award for the classiest Facebook event description of the year goes to the university’s mixed netball team.

On her Facebook event to promote the team trials, organiser and team manager NAME REDACTED wrote: “Are you a keen netballer? keen drinker? enjoy running around on minimal sleep and often still drunk?? do you consider yourself to have an athletic ability that the team will not be able to go without??” (Sic) 

NAME REDACTED continued: “What is uni games you may ask.. if you are asking this, we probably don’t want you one the team.. sorry.. (but it is a week of Sydney University PRIDE with drinking and dress up every night, epic bonding, friends for life, and a bit of awesome mixed netball during the day (when you aren’t sleeping))” (Sic)

Perfunctory details of the trial were included before NAME REDACTED concluded: “So girls tell all the tall and beautiful boys you know and guys bring the chicks with the ability to party and play.. and lets make this years mixed netball team one for the memory books.”

Trials were held on August 9, with successful players receiving emails of acceptance last week.

It remains to be seen if the USYD mixed netball team will be successful at the university games event in September, or whether the team itself even cares.

Those interested in playing mixed-netball at university games in the future are probably not wanted.