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Animal Collective at the Enmore Theatre

A review, in the form of a revue

Animals in the Enmore. Photo credit: Lucy Watson

A psychedelic rock band did once play,

At a theatre in Enmore on a Thursday.

Instrumental logistics meant a reshuffle

Of their gig dates (but it was worth the hustle.)


Limited hipsters clad in paisley

Ran to the barrier oh so hastily,

Bellowing out their favourite tunes

which left Strawberry Jam’s delicacy in runes.


Animals in the Enmore. Photo credit: Lucy Watson
Animals in the Enmore. Photo credit: Lucy Watson

Alas, it was not all fun and games

Since, in flames, the stage was engulfed!

Bright flames of chunky distortion, contortion

Leaves the naked ear quite primed in time for

Fancy setups of inflatable teeth and crazy spirals.

The sober mind knows no viral tunes

In plumes it sets itself apart from

The starting band.

Collective did headline their own sideshow, after all….


An encore belched a triumvirate of crowd-pleasers

Initial teasers of too-many intro bars of “My Girls” leaves

The Enmore Wanderer in awe (what’s more – Avey and Panda seemed like they were playing

more for themselves than for anyone else)


Light dims, the piano tune begins.


I can’t help but consider this a requirement of experimental music.

At least THREE grains of salt are required in order to taste from the dish

of zesty, tender, psyche rock without frequenting the path of disdain for the self-love boasted

by the producers of such aural pleasures.


Merriweather Post Pavillion weaved through the set list like a small child on a tricycle.

Popular tracks left tacks in the feet of urbanites as upper-body swinging rendered the

audience a sea of slowly swaying seaweed.

Icicles not heaved at the stage! A crowd not depraved.

Hundreds of junkies well behaved.



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