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News in Revue

Harry Stratton is well-versed in the news events of this summer


“New Labor needs a new direction” –

The shutters click and cameras zoom –

“I won’t be seeking re-election.”

On Lateline, Tony’s voice will boom

“Tonight, we’ve lost another Minister.”

As usual, Tony thinks it’s sinister –

Rudd plotting and so forth; but we

Need not indulge conspiracy.

Yet three is no coincidence.

Nic Roxon, Chris, and now Christine –

A bloodletting of red and green

Too regular an incidence.

What makes a Minister resign?

Could they not bear the party line?



Yet Ministers need not have whips.

The Joe that was, then Benedictus

Could scarce pronounce with ancient lips

The ancient ailments that afflict us.

Tired of the endless, pointless praying

Tired of the past, and sorry saying

(Though not, it seems, of pomp, and awe

And being exempt from federal law) –

Imagine him, after matins –

Describing his discord, ennui

While making noun and verb agree.

(Camus could not have written Latin.)

The Pope himself’s in despair’s throes –

What hope, then, for more fallible Joes?



For circumstances have resigned us

To fear, and hate, and No New Tax

And daily now the polls remind us

Of leaky boats they want turned back.

(For with those boats our hopes are sinking.)

If hopes are merely wishful thinking,

If there’s no more that we can do,

Should we not end our own reigns, too?

How easy would be sweet surrender

To Tony, Geert, and laissez-faire.

How much more pleasant not to care

To quash the hope, however slender

Of worlds instead built on agape.

Yet still it seems the coward’s escape.

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