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A new menace on campus

A different kind of WASP is now attending USYD

The opening lecture of the semester for GOVT2991: Political Analysis was thrown into turmoil last Wednesday, when a huge wasp terrorised a PNR lecture theatre. The wasp initially floated around harmlessly, but became troublesome when it began swooping down on students periodically, for shits and giggles. The class was forced to abandon the theatre and move into seminar rooms for the remainder of the lecture.

Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Ariadne Vromen told Honi Soit that the decision to flee the theatre was made out of concern for both herself and her students: “Ever since a big spider dropped out of a tree on me at Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park this summer I have a new fear of very big bugs – and that was the biggest wasp I have ever seen, and it looked intent on dive bombing someone.” Vromen is currently an academic staff-elected fellow on the University of Sydney Senate, and says she might take the issue of future wasp protocol to the next Senate meeting.

The current whereabouts of the wasp are unknown, and its movements are worryingly unpredictable. Third Year Arts/Law student Alexandra McPherson says she fears it may return for the second lecture.

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