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Conroy / Murdoch joins them

Stephen Conroy unmasked as Rupert Murdoch by vigilante adolescent group.


A week after The Daily Telegraph uncovered the secret double life of Senator Stephen Conroy as Joseph Stalin, The Soin has uncovered more information on the scandal.

Conroy, the Minister of Communications for the Gillard Government has been tracked down and unmasked by a group of teenagers and their dog in what has been described a turning point in media politics.

The group of adolescent detectives discovered that Stephen Conroy was actually the alter-ego of News Ltd., News Corp, and News International owner Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch is also infamous for his ownership of The Daily Telegraph.

The Soin is currently investigating whether Stephen Conroy was always a secret identity for Murdoch or whether he was ‘taken over’ by the media tycoon.

This is one of many recent discoveries by this unnamed vigilante group. Some previous cases include unmasking Beelzebub as Margaret Thatcher, the Yowie as Rolf Harris on bathsalts, the Bunyip as Margaret Thatcher again, and Eddie Obeid as Michael Costa as Eddie Obeid on bathsalts.

Some commentators have noted this comes at no surprise.

“Stephen ‘Stalin’ Conroy was adamant in his goals to control the media for authoritarian purposes and right-wing ideology,” media commentator Cheeter Pen told The Soin. “Haven’t we been saying that about Rupert Murdoch for decades?”

Others were more shocked.

“When I think of Murdoch, I think of someone who was competent in his totalitarian endeavours and adamantly principled in his evil … ‘competent’ and ‘adamantly principled’ aren’t words I think of when I think of Stephen Conroy,” Harold Morley, my next door neighbour, said.

The Soin attempted to contact Senator Conroy for a comment but remembered he did not actually exist anymore.

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