Da Fuq? Raiders of the Lost Mail

Samantha Jonscher investigates a case of mistaken addresses

Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr, a.k.a. Indiana Jones of the film franchise of the same name, is still receiving mail addressed to his alma mater.

Last December, The University of Chicago posted on Tumblr that they had received a mysterious, brown paper package addressed to none other than the archeologist/action hero himself. Inside the package was a dusty notebook, letters, postcards and pictures from Jones’ love interest Marion Ravenwood. Also included in the package were antique bills and maps sent by the supposedly fictitious University of Chicago professor Dr Abner Ravenwood, who was Jones’ mentor in the franchise.

Assuring the public that this was “not a hoax, at least not on our end,” a cyber-hunt was launched to solve the mystery. At first it was believed to be a desperate student’s attempt to earn one of the prestigious university’s very competitive undergraduate spots, but no one came forward.

“[T]ruly baffled,” the university probed all “nerdly [sic] social media sites” for information, trending on Reddit, Tumblr and 4chan alike. After a month of attempting to raid the lost ark of the Internet, it was finally announced that the university had found the answer to its meta-fictional delivery.

Apparently, an eBay seller based in Guam had put together the package of memorabilia and mailed it to a buyer in Italy. The outer packing came off en route and was passed on to the fake mailing address written on the memorabilia package. The U.S. Postal service had no problem accepting the fake, decades-old postage stamps.

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