The first Honi of 2013: Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson wrote an editorial.

Objectivity is dead. Just ask any media scholar. Journalists will try and tell you otherwise, but don’t believe it. Everyone has an opinion, and they love nothing more than pushing their agenda on you. We’re no different.

Welcome to Honi Soit for 2013. This year, we present you an honest, and honestly biased, paper. We’re not hiding behind a veil of objectivity; we’re presenting what we think. Just like everybody else. The difference here is that we’re not pretending to be anything we’re not. We have opinions, you have them too. Facts are not just facts, they are interpreted with natural bias. We present you ours, unashamedly.

We don’t expect to take our word for everything. On the contrary, you should be critical of us. Everything you read should be scrutinised. You should look at what we think, and consider what you think. If you’re on the same page as us, congratulations, you must be awesome. If you’re not, tell us. We encourage contributors from all biases, unless your natural bias is racist, sexist, or hateful in anyway. If it is, go back to 1960, we don’t want you here.

Honi Soit has a long and radical past. We’ve been around since 1929, and we started as an alternative to mainstream media, to provide a voice for the students the daily papers were so happily tearing to shreds. In 2013, we proudly live up to that tradition. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a federal election happening in September. An election that’s outcome is all but decided, and it’s an outcome that spells disaster for students. We’re here to make some noise and get our voices heard. We won’t stand for the deregulation of fees or cuts to student support. We may be small, but we can make a lot of racket.

Make a racket with us.

Objectivity is dead. Long live Honi Soit.

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