Review: The Sims 3: University Life

The Sims are all grown up and getting a tertiary education.

The Sims, now in its third incarnation, has launched a new expansion pack just in time for you to get addicted right when your spare time should be becoming study time. University Life plugs a big hole in Sim-world by allowing Sims to move out of their neighbourhood, on to campus and in to higher education before entering the workforce. Enrol, chose one of six majors, if you’ll live in a dorm, fraternity or sorority (or, for a premium, an apartment) and you’re all set. Once on campus, organise protests, create street art, streak, pose for life drawing or use the new smartphone feature to throw a swimwear party, share videos or start a blog – all while trying to maintain a decent GPA. Upon graduation your Sim can look forward to a higher starting salary and position (with a higher GPA increasing this further). Academics not your thing? Channel a John Hughes movie and become an alpha Jock, Nerd or Rebel by completing tasks to earn the adulation of your chosen clique, maximum influence with which will land you a Superjob.

This expansion pack is among the strongest from the franchise, adding depth to the lives of your Sims and meaningfully broadening the scope of play. There are enough new inclusions, skills and challenges to keep players occupied and having fun for a long time. Definitely something to get the The Sims love in your life.

The Sims 3: University Life released 8 March 2013. 

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