News in Revue: Week 5, Part 1

Henry Innis doesn’t dance to the beat of the EAG’s drum

Do you hear the people sing?

Singing a song of ‘activist’ men?

Was it music of the students?

Who will not be beat again!

And could the picket line chant,

Echo the beating of the drums,

The real strike will start,

When the EAG finally comes!


Will you join in their crusade?

Or will you be like me in Hermann’s?

Manning the beer ‘barricade’,

And is there a lecturer you long to see?

(That really, really hot one.)

Make up your decision,

Having said that, your lectures aren’t free.


Will you give all you can?

Or will you give them shouts of ‘get out!’

The campus, divided to a man,

Will you stand with Scriven and shout,

The sunburnt activists,

Will charge the pews of lecturers out!

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