News in Revue: Week 5, Part 2

Mariana Podesta-Diverio is stuck in a gore-tex vortex

In bucketloads groomed dogs and cats

Cascaded on our cataracts

(a summer of cheap sunglasses –

our pupils sorely scorched!)


A call to arms by Weatherzone

suggests umbrellas rather than guns

Which months defy all Bondi reason?

This wretched saturation season!


City of Sydney’s “wishful thinking”

Isn’t in tune with Bazza’s taste

Chased away were elaborate dreams

of giant, bustling footpath streams


Thus timeless George is to remain

A classic of vehicular terrain

‘Smart’ design shan’t walk us through

Pedestrian strips with smog-free views


And as kids go, they need protection

Inflections in speech from screeching charities

make calls for higher standards

echo across children’s organisations


The gestation of this group’s call is still in early stages

Pages of history turn to dust on rusty government library shelves

(change is always slowest when we scrutinise ourselves)

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