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SCA heads to Verge for the Indigenous Festival

Fiona James wants you to know that the Indigenous Festival isn’t just for main campus

What Price Progress by Cecil Bowden, acrylic on canvas.
My Colours by Lorna Munro, 2012, acrylic on canvas.
My Colours by Lorna Munro, 2012, acrylic on canvas.


When asked to help curate an exhibition for this year’s Indigenous Festival, my first impulse was to overthink it. I wanted to try and sketch a mental map of the issues in contemporary Aboriginal art to make sure we were being precise and relevant.

Of course, one of the first things we realised was that in this arena, definitions are limiting and insufficient at best. In fact, to be political we were going to have to remain without agenda, to let the work speak we were going to have to listen, and to learn something we were certainly not going to theme the show ourselves.

The exhibition title, Working Title, is precisely about this process. Letting go of a fixed endpoint and speaking to artistic landscapes and cultural identities as ever-changing works in progress.

It was developed in conversation with the participating artists. For us, collaboration was an important thematic concern. It seemed pretty clear that the show was about participating in, and representing this dialogue.

The show features new collaborative works developed in partnership between students from Eora College and Sydney College of the Arts. It’s been great working with Eora College and really exciting to see students from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, experiences and artistic disciplines sit down together to find a shared expression.

Hopefully the process of collaboration has been worthwhile in and of itself. The artists present us with a momentary expression of this process, representing just one moment in a trajectory of further and ongoing cultural dialogues.

Intersections: Aboriginal Art in the Contemporary, a Panel Discussion featuring The Blak Douglas (aka Adam Hill), Janelle Gay Evans & Matt Poll. Wednesday 17 April 12 – 1pm, at Sydney College of the Arts Auditorium, Rozelle Campus, Balmain Rd. Rozelle. No RSVP required 

‘Working Title’ New Collaborative Works between Eora College & SCA. Opening night & Welcome to Country ceremony 18 Thursday April 6 – 8pm. Open 18 April – 3 May, atVerge Gallery, University of Sydney, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, City Rd, Darlington


What Price Progress by Cecil Bowden, acrylic on canvas.
What Price Progress by Cecil Bowden, acrylic on canvas.