Where your money went: SSAF

Cameron Caccamo explains changes to funding for student organisations

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Who gets the most? SSAF allocations in 2012 and 2013

Student organisations can finally confirm their 2013 budgets after the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF) allocation recommendations were released on Friday, following a lengthy deliberation process.

The SSAF is the $273 that all students pay at the beginning of the year. It goes towards co-curricular activities, student services, and amenities.

The recommendations will be presented to the Senior Executive Group and the Student Consultative Committee. It is expected they will be passed.

The establishment of a ‘Capital Sinking Fund’ saw the University take $2 million from the pooled funds for buildings and other amenities. Despite this, student organisations were able to split the remaining $10 203 401 without the need for major changes from 2012 allocations.

In comparison to 2012 allocations,  the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association was the only student organisation to improve its position, though only by $10 000.

Both the Students’ Representative Council and the University of Sydney Union (USU) took small hits to their budgets, while the Cumberland Student Guild (CSG) has 17% less money to work with this year.

Sydney University Sports and Fitness  (SUSF) again received the largest amount of any of the organisation with its allocation of $3.76 million.

These changes to funding levels were expected by student organisations. USU President, Astha Rajvanshi, said the Union was “pleased to hear about the initial outcome on SSAF allocations and hopes to continue to foster a collaborative relationship with the University and other student organisations.”

It is yet to be seen whether the current allocations will be formalised in agreements that last longer than one year, allowing student organisations to better plan how they spend the funds into the future.

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