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EasyWay smashed and robbed

There’s no EasyWay out for tea lovers, as Mariana Podesta-Diverio discovers

Easy Way
Photo: Max Chalmers

Employees of the EasyWay bubble tea store at the Wentworth building arrived to find a vandalised shopfront at 8:30am on Monday, April 22.

A large glass panel of the store’s sliding-door entrance had been smashed, shop fittings and signage were damaged and around $1500 was stolen from a safe. The store’s cash register unit, in its entirety, was also stolen.

Newtown Police arrived at the scene a little after 9:15am and tried to get fingerprints from the store’s kitchen, where part of the stolen money was kept. The police were given the memory card from a security camera inside the store. A University-owned camera, situated across from the store above Azzuri cafe, also captured the incident.

CCTV footage obtained by the police indicates that the incident took place at around 4:40am on Monday morning. It implicates two perpetrators who fled the scene in a vehicle.

The store is owned by Lynette, an undergraduate Pharmacy student at USYD, who also owns three other EasyWay franchises. Lynette said she was particularly saddened by the incident since this was the first franchise that she opened.

Lynette said that it was “really weird” that money was only taken from one of the store’s three safes. The fact that the only safe targeted happened to contain the largest sum of money raises suspicions about how the thieves knew exactly where to go.

Newtown Police is currently investigating the matter and no arrests have been made.

The store’s green apple tea remains as scrumptious as ever.

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