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Luhrmann continues being darling of multicultural postmodern Australia

Luhrmann adapts Qu’ran into glitz-and-glamour 21st century film.


“The Quran is a classic story of good and evil that is perfect to jazz up for a modern audience. I’ve decided to re-set the story in modern-day Berlin, with Muhammad being an Arab immigrant living the bohemian lifestyle of a struggling performance artist. Along with his best friends, a homosexual amputee and a neo-burlesque amateur magician, they will all find the ultimate meaning of God, fame and ultimately, love.” announced Baz Luhrmann in a press conference at this year’s Cannes film festival, outlining his upcoming project set for release in 2015.

“I’m particularly excited about the club scene where Muhammad is first contacted by Allah. It’ll be an explosion of colour, it’ll be glitz, it’ll be glamour – it’ll be Baz Luhrislamic.”

When asked how closely Luhrmann seeks to stay faithful to the spirit of the original text, Luhrmann replied, “Of course it will retain the spirit of the original scripture, but once you put anything into a postmodern context, you’ll invariably get a great mishmash of influences. I don’t think it’s a great stretch to believe if Muhammad was alive today, he would also read Proust and wear Nike hi-tops aside from being a prophet of the highest being.”

While the film will be scored by Daft Punk, the project will also feature music from Andre 3000, Florence and the Machine and Lady Gaga, themselves covering artists with dance-electro reimaginings ranging from The Beatles to Joni Mitchell. A dubstep version by Skrillex of the Islamic call to prayer will also feature heavily as a leitmotif.

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