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News in Revue: Week 11

Patrick Madden dreamed a dream of this week’s news.

Do you Hear the People Sing?

Do you hear the misogynists sing?

Singing the song of sexist men.

It is the music of the pigs

who will not see Jolie’s breasts again!


When a woman makes a decision,

about her medical health.

It is our place

to gender patrol them with ‘advice’.


One May More

Wayne Swan:

One May more!

Another budget speech delivery,

slushing funds to vital industries.


Those pesky single mums should die,

the carbon tax was not a lie.

The baby bonus scheme remained,

we played the Howard game.


Who am I?

Who am I?

I’m Costello mark 2.4601!


Policy Paper Planes

Shooters and Fishers:

All I wanna do is *bang*, *bang*, *bang*, *bang*


Clive Palmer:

And keep my money.


Joe Hockey:

All I wanna do is *slash*, *slash*, *slash*, *slash*


Bob Katter:

And export cattle.

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