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Sydney Comedy Festival: Genevieve Fricker

Georgia Kriz thinks Genevieve Fricker is pretty funny, but not very vulnerable.



Newtown-dweller and Sydney Uni alumni Genevieve Fricker bares it all in her debut Sydney Comedy Festival show, “Party Pooper”.

On an absurdly tiny stage built into a converted shipping container, Fricker haphazardly and sarcastically jolts her way through a series of stories and songs about her life: that time she dated the “Gypsy King of Canberra”, that time she was sexually harassed by a dugong, that time she shat her pants in public.

It sounds like it should be the stuff of genuine LOLs, right? Unfortunately not – most of the big laughs get lost somewhere in between her too-cool-for-school strut, disingenuous self-deprecating asides and general badass attitude.

On the plus side, she has a stellar voice and plenty of energy; her songs are great. All the show is really missing is a little humility and vulnerability from Fricker; it has serious LOL potential.