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Sydney Comedy Festival: James Colley

Sean O’Grady reviews James Colley



James Colley runs the weekly stand-up showcase Get-Up Stand-Up at Manning Bar. He has been doing Theatresports and Project 52 at Uni since most of us were in high school. He is also a big hairy kid. He says as much in his show An Ape That Thinks He’s People.

Colley takes us from Colonial Australia to his own life of crime as he explores what it is to love, lose, dream, create and sell your blood to pay rent. He does this from within the confines of a repurposed shipping container. The show is a work in progress, and some sections lag, but is considered, touching and funny in equal measure.

He looks at our world through the eyes of a child. His continual sense of wonder, his ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and his sharp wit make him, and his show, a pleasure to watch.