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The Jewry’s out: a review of Jew Revue

Tim Whelan on this year’s funny, topical and enjoyable Jew Revue.

In times past, I’ve tried not to laugh at our Hebrew friends. Because that would be anti-Semitic.

But last Thursday, I just couldn’t help myself. The 2013 Jew Revue set the bar somewhere around the altitude of Mt. Sinai for the Semester 2 heavyweights.

It took only two hours for a cast of 17 to broach the hot topics of our time – including but not limited to the sordid truth behind the King James Bible, the impact on time machines on the brothel industry, Zeus/Jupiter being exposed as a two-timing ‘shrine wrecker’, Yahweh’s prayer/answer ration limited by his MacBook and Gandhi’s mediation of a pillow fight. Which would in themselves comprise a fine revue in themselves, but was given a touch of genius in an inter-Jew rap battle climaxing with ‘my dick is Solomon, it’ll cut you in two’.

The highlight – at least for this hard-to-please reviewer – was the unexpected punchlines. There were at least a dozen pieces where I was caught thinking ‘yeah, lights down, that’s quality right there’ when I was blindsided with a hysterical twist – just when I was gearing up to heckle the stage crew – who were also polished to a point of shaming many other prestigious revues.

The only letdown was the lack of softcore discipline in the nude skit. While understandable – an accidental dick under lights is de rigeur for most revues – the real tragedy was that the offender wasn’t even circumcised. This, sadly, killed the authenticity. You would think if ever there was a sanctuary from gentile-alia, tonight was the night. Nope.

Even for those who didn’t get every Jewish reference, it was a genuinely engoyable night.


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