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Review: Cloud Control at the Sydney Opera House

Katie Davern is up in the clouds

cloud control

Cloud Control sure know how to make Sydney-siders crave their new music; interviews revealing nothing we didn’t know already, a promotional video with vital nouns cheekily beeped out, the creation of with photos of caves and recording equipment, and the teasing upload of miscellaneous instrumental cuts sporadically. It’s no surprise then that their album premiere at the Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid Live was sold out in a heartbeat and that fans were hovering in the foyer before the show, licking their lips – ravenous for the new sounds of their rather secretive alt rock idols.

The crowd was treated to a winding story-like video before Cloud Control emerged from the dark to rapturous homecoming applause. Ripped black mesh hung from the ceiling of the stage to frame the “dream cave” after which Cloud Control named their new album.

We now know that Dream Cave is a multi-faceted gem; Heidi’s manipulated Imogen Heap-esque vocals on ‘The Sound, The Feeling’, plenty of ‘70s psychedelic feelings (especially in ‘Moonrabbit’), a measurable and admitted increase in rollicking guitar solos by Alister, and the usual sense of musical growth that bands get when they move to the UK and don’t release an album for three years. Bluesy Roy Orbison-inspired croons like ‘Promises’ echoed and reveled in the wonderful sonic capabilities of the iconic venue.

Cloud Control did mix it up, alternating between new and old songs; the infectious opening riff of ‘This Is What I Said’ triggered a great crowd response – fans were evidently excited for the “tangible chill”s to come. And ‘Buffalo Country’ was the perfect encore closer: one of their very first songs and the track that won Cloud Control the 2006 Sydney University Band Competition.

Aurally pleasing to say the least, Cloud Control put on a stirring show in front of fans who had been waiting for it for years.