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This album is Sharpe and rates more than Zero

Georgia Kriz went along to the album listening of the self -titled release by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes


The self-titled second album from enigmatic indie-hippie-punk-gospel rockers Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is as crazy as they come. Framed by a forlorn nostalgia outlined in the opening track, Better Days, the album is a riot of musical colours and styles. From the delirious and feverish knockabout style of Let’s Get High, to the dulled, sullen and slightly Tom Waits-esque They Were Wrong, very few musical stones remain unturned. Highlights include the cinematic In The Lion, coloured by gorgeous gospel choir work and an extremely groovy bass line, and the broken, rippling piano chords in the solemn ballad This Life.

The Woodstock bent to the album is less than convincing, however, with the outrageously self-styled hippie lyrics of tunes like Please! (“Feel the love/see the love/Please!”) reeking of insincerity and pantomime.