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American faith in democracy boosted at news that ex-president’s wife is a shoo-in for presidency

Clinton is running, hoorah!

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A record number of American citizens have reportedly signed up to vote this week, following reports circulating that Hillary Clinton will run for President on the Democratic ticket in the next term. The boost in voter numbers has been linked to the surge in surveyed citizens who reported to feel that they lived in a “robust and egalitarian democracy where anyone could be president.”

If elected in the next term, Hillary will be one of three other presidents since 1989 to have a direct relative share the office of President, the only exception to the trend being the current sitting President Barack Obama. Whether or not Mr Obama’s wife, children or parents intend to seek office over the next twenty years is still a matter of speculation, but sources inside the Illuminati suggest it is highly lightly all will be running at some point.

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