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Commerce Revue: Les Biz (Alisha Aitken-Radburn)

Alisha Aitken-Radburn thinks Comm Revue’s stocks are on the increase.

Titled with a cheeky pun, the 2013 Commerce Revue – Les Biz – was set to be even bigger and better than the Business School’s last offering from the get go.

The Revue was held in the Everest Theatre, middle ground between the huge York Theatre and the Reginald which hosts the smaller Revues like Queer and Education. Commerce Revue’s location also perfectly matches its revue status: it is not quite at the level of your Law or Science Revue but still attracts a crowd bigger than Engineering.

Some sketches, dance numbers and singing all seemed to just need that little bit more energy to really take it up to that other level – the ‘Life Could be a Dream’ dance was great, but left the audience wondering what the point was. That said, Commerce Revue has improved in leaps and bounds from 2012, with an amazingly talented cast who seemed like they were genuinely having the best time on stage. Highlights included the bromance sketch and the brilliant singing talent in the Les Mis pardoy about Stats 101. The animated clip art that could not animate the teacher’s heart drew much appreciate applause.

Les Biz ticked all the key boxes for a good Revue this year – a sketch about Abbott, a prop with an unclear effort to comedic pay-off ratio and some nudity.  It’s a shame Law also did a ‘Be Prepared’ parody: Comm’s was good, but was eclipsed by Law’s. The directors, Jonah Vogelman and Sophie Edmonds should be very proud of their own efforts and the entire cast.

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