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Commerce Revue: Les Biz (Subeta Vimalarajah)

Subeta Vimalarajah kinda liked Commerce Revue.


I went to Commerce Revue with no expectations. I imagined jokes about the misapplication of statistics formulae and reasons for market failure and not much else. Suffice to say, these judgments were entirely misguided. In fact, I left feeling shameful about my  utter mischaracterisation of Commerce students.

It was approachable. The challenge with any revue is striking the balance between in jokes that your fellow faculty mates will appreciate and ones that your supportive friends/Dad/sister/general public will also find funny. There were a few Commerce related skits, like “The Three Marketeers” that provided a nice point of consistency, but were balanced out by humorous takes on current issues – the Tony Abbott song was a personal love. Testament to the approachability was the continued laughter of the old guy next to me who seemed to feel less awkward about the masturbation jokes than I.

The dancing was awesome. And I don’t mean awesome like everyone raised their left arm and kicked out their right leg in perfect unison. It wasn’t the tried and tested basic moves that usually make up the supporting act to song lyrics. In fact, there were two songs that focused solely on the dancing, which was a refreshing touch. The music was just as great.

Which isn’t to say it wasn’t flawed. A lot of the humour was cheap and borderline politically incorrect, inciting  a couple of “oooh”s from audience members. The accusation of being a rapist in the plagiarism skit, the illustrated details of Curious George’s confusions regarding female anatomy and infanticide of the royal baby were probably the top offenders. That being said, the disregard for political correctness was probably also why it was so funny. In the weigh up between a few moments of questioning offense against the hilarity of the Wiggles being high and running over a woman in the Big Red Car, potential offense had a marginal effect on my viewing experience.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised, and not just because I had low expectations. I’d definitely go again next year and even the thought that I wouldn’t have gone without free Honi tickets makes me sad.

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