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Law Revue: Love Contractually (Andrew Bell)

Andrew Bell remarks on the high quality of Law Revue and its corporate sponsorship. Are the two connected?

There was something in the (sponsored by law firms Gadens and Herbert Smith Freehills) air last Saturday night at Sydney Law Revue: Love Contractually. Primed and hyped as the highlight of the Revue season, it definitely delivered.

The satire was incredibly astute, the singing incredible and the huge body of skits (the entire show went for three hours including intermission) wasn’t repetitive or boring. The impersonations (including three Julia Gillards simultaneously) were also spot on and large dance numbers shone – the appropriation of the Lion King’s ‘Be Prepared’ for the evil plot of gay marriage was a personal highlight. Michael Kirby also made a video-cameo as a mature age student in the JD program.

It is a testament to the quality  of the show is that they didn’t feel the need to be purely crass or offensive, the pitfall of many revues of the past. ‘Love Contractually’ actually had the content to justify a longer performance. The response to the show was uniformly positive as well – the variety of the skits meant that it could cater to the entire audience. We were looking at the polished end-result of a mammoth production.

All in all I think it will be very difficult for another revue to top this throughout the season. With Saturday being the final show I can’t recommend you go see it, but if you didn’t, you should have.

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