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Law Revue: Love Contractually (Lucy Hughes Jones)

Conniving law students convinced Lucy Hughes Jones that she was contractually bound to write a positive review.

The 2013 Law Revue aspired to a new benchmark this year, with a bar set mighty high from a tradition stretching back to the 60s, including acts like The Chaser boys, and plenty of law firm sponsorship.

Each skit in Love Contractually lasted no more than a minute (catering to those of us in the audience with short attention spans – I only checked my phone twice) and were just cause for applause, whether it was Keats by Dr Dre, Miley Cyrus’ floor-bound body contortions, or Penny Wong on a skateboard.

The highlights were the big song numbers comprising all 35 cast members. ‘Pyongyang!’ to the tune of ‘She Bangs’ by Ricky Martin saw North Korea’s military marches gain some gyrate-rich choreography, and ‘Be Prepared’, a rendition of the Lion King anthem aptly satirised the doomsday predictions of nut job opponents to gay marriage.

Special note goes to the talents of the eight-piece jazz ensemble that could play anything from the ‘Numa Numa song’, The Stonecutters’ ‘We do’ theme song from The Simpsons, to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop… and then played naked.

One of the biggest laughs came from directors Anthea Burton and Sam Farrell’s novelty sized interpretation of what earphones get up to inside your pocket, but the majority of skits hit the spot eliciting genuine laughter, with only 5 or so a miss.

While the adventures of ‘Law Horse’ around campus were hilarious, the hoarse voices of the cast were not. The croakiness of the lead singer did them no justice in the final number – understandable after a fourth night of performance – with her voice increasingly sounding like a wailing cat until it broke completely.

And I was a little disappointed in the nude skit, expecting to bear witness to full-frontal wang, but perhaps that’s just me being greedy.

All in all it earned eight shimmythrusts out of 10. Looking forward to Law Revue 2014: Snakes on a Plaintiff.

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