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News in Revue: Catch 22

Claire Nashar writes about politics, with rhyme and reason

Catch 22


Three word slogans

won’t solve complex problems.

But apparently four words

might win an election:




This week in Sydney, magnolia blossoms

are rotting beneath magnolia trees.

In Russia, a whistle-blower has been

welcomed in from the cold.  In our

newspapers, via correspondence,

imperatives have been handed down.


It makes me wonder: is the fact

that an island can amass out of bird shit

on coral somehow meant to be

a motivational narrative?  That if we accrete

enough political fuckups, they’ll abracadabra

into valuable resources, one day to be

exploited?  Don’t worry, guys, if the phosphate

runs out, we’re already practicing how to strip-

mine dignity…


When all seem prepared to filibuster

our trust,

tell me again,

kick which mob out?

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