Top 6 items chucked at politicians

Phoebe Moloney counts down protests that have hit their mark

Photo: Cameron Nordholm

6. Sandwiches Watch out where you carry one of these, because politically-minded panini have been known to fling out of bystander’s hands into the stiff-lips of politicians of their own accord. Sandwich-chucking gained international press this year when former Prime Minister Julia Gillard had the misfortune of coming into contact with two flung focaccias in one week. While both of the school students blamed for the attacks seemed remorseful to have lost their lunch, the vegemite-on-white and salami/mayo sando appeared smug.

5. Souvenir Church Divine intervention hit ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi in the face during a rally against his involvement in the ‘bunga bunga’ scandal in 2009. A miniature replica of Milan’s Duomo Maggiore was hurled from within the crowd, knocking out two of his teeth. Despite providing evidence of severe mental illness, the church-chucker was sentenced to five years of prison. That night, Berlusconi released a distasteful media statement, “Love will overcome evil and hate…” hmmm maybe not yours, Silvio.

4. Shoes If pollies are going to dodge the questions anyway, why not just chuck ‘em a shoe? That was the logic of legendary Newcastle activist, Peter Gray, who pegged his leather boaters at ex-PM John Howard live on Q&A. The incident mimicked a series of international loafer-lobs, expressing civilian dissent at the West’s pervasive presence in Iraq. Gray never witnessed full withdrawal of troops, as he died in early 2011 from cancer.

3. Yoghurt Yoghurt splashing or “Yoghurtification” has been a popular expression of Greek dissent since the ‘50s when yogurt was repackaged in to plastic (as opposed to ceramic) pots. With added benefits of portability, visibility, growing-stench and low-risk of injury, Yoghurtification became so ubiquitous in Greek culture that the infamous Law 4000 was introduced against it. Three parliamentarians have been splashed in the past two years, one with the particularly pungent Tsatziki.

2. Pies Pie-chuckers are the most notorious, and well-loved, of projectile protesters. Specialist pastry-pegging factions, such as US-based ‘Al Pieda’, Belgian ‘Internationale Pâtissière’, and the Canadian ‘Entartistes’, have been responsible for delivering Bill Gates, Calvin Klein, Dan Glickman, and Anne Coulter their just desserts.

The Biotic Baking Brigade received particular acclaim in 1998 for pitching a gourmet selection of tofu, cherry and pumpkin pies at San Fran’s mayor, in protest of his oppressive policies on homelessness.

1. Glitter If you want to bring some Art Attack to your hack-attack, glitter is by far the most humane, animal-friendly and humorous item to chuck in a splendorous rage. Tossing glitter at otherwise dull MPs is a choice act of dissent among many gay rights, cissexism and feminist activists. However, glitter bombing is a testing exercise in speed, stealth and eloquence; generally requiring close-proximity to the target and a well-delivered punch line, such as, “Stop the hate. Taste the Rainbow.” Magical.

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