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Architecture Revue: Floorless (Rebecca Wong)

Rebecca Wong was floored by how good Architecture Revue was

I like to think that each revue is brought to life by a bit of distinctive faculty character, and Architecture’s ‘Floorless’ certainly gave us the sass and the crass. The show’s protagonist El Blanco, incongruously effeminate master architect/cowboy hero, was seen alongside a supporting cast of hilariously stereotypical, yet convincing characters. The talking cactus was a particular highlight.

The sheer absurdity of some acts drew laughs, and while a good many of the punchlines were lost in translation, the audience enjoyed itself far too thoroughly to mind. Some of the sketch-writers’ more bizarre ideas left me hoping they would pay more attention to Architecture lectures than they did high school sex ed classes, though unapologetic sass helped the actors pull off the often cringeworthy toilet humour. The cast are to be congratulated for a strong, well-executed set of theme sketches, and effective slapstick humour.

The architecture jokes were refreshingly accessible, and it goes without saying that the revue boasted the most impressive set. The band proved to be a definite highlight, providing a soundtrack to the action on stage and keeping the audience geared up with their catchy numbers. The banjo and harmonica shtick was seriously cool.

While the show could have benefited from a little more coherence, the actors’ spot on characterisations and infectious energy certainly made it worth my while to see.