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Education and Social Work revue: Waiting for Gonski (Max Schintler)

Max Schintler went to school to learn, girl, not listen to hecklers

It was with great anticipation that I rushed into the Seymour Centre to secure my (unallocated) seat for Ed Revue, just before show time. My wonderings about the theme – the show was titled Waiting for Gonski – were immediately sated; the first sketch was a Waiting for Godot parody in a familiar primary school setting, and attended to the show’s tagline: “No hat, no play. How absurd.” Gonski, it seems, may be a draconian school principal who fails to understand the physics behind the possibility of bare-headed play occurring.

The most enjoyable aspect of this revue was, for me, the consistence of theme, as we were frequently brought back to our primary and high school days. Education references were in abundance, from the humorous sketches: a child T-Pain rapping ‘I’m on a Bus’ and a person who was literally saved by the Bell (a big cardboard bell, at that!), to the still-funny, but also sad-because-it’s-true sketches: Patrick Madden as Julia Gillard singing about gendered prejudice towards her overshadowing her legislative achievements. It was a highlight of the evening, and the audience treated it as such.

I quite enjoyed the show, which even featured some audience participation from several USU Board Directors (who recieved free tickets to every revue) took the opportunity, after a few refreshments, to remind us of one performer’s name, with shouts of “Cacca-MO” heard whenever he was on stage, as well as shouts of “Lack-a-MO” when said performer was absent. When asked for comment, current USU Board President, Hannah Morris, said: “The Board thoroughly enjoyed the revue… and we support all the student revues in the program as a way for students to showcase and appreciate each other’s talents.” This enjoyment was evident on the evening as the Board President called out to identify a Jesus character first as Ned and then as Arya Stark. Cast member Patrick Madden, when asked for an opinion, said he “think[s] it’s all in good fun, it wasn’t distracting for [him] as a performer.” 8/10, would go again.