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Engineering Revue: The Slizzard of Oz (Brendan Day)

Brendan Day hopes that you are drunk while reading this review

Is it even fair to critique the Engineering Revue? Performed in Manning Bar, it’s more of an excuse for cast and audience alike to get blind drunk. So, in the spirit of The Slizzard of Oz, this review will arbitrarily cobble together a bunch of half-arsed thoughts and hope that the audience is too drunk to care:

HECKLES: An essential part of any Engineering Revue. Often they would drown out the performers, and I thank them for that. Special consideration goes to the Arts Revue cast (particularly their director, Jack Gow) and the woman who bravely admonished the hecklers for being sexist.

MICROPHONES: The only way to drown out the baying crowd. Only implemented after the intermission.

INTERMISSION: The best part of the show.

BRIDGES: Apparently the only thing engineers have any interest in besides….

BEER: Needed more. The free drink ticket on entry was a thoughtful and necessary gesture, however.

THE BAND: Non-ironically played Pat Benatar, Maroon 5, and various pop-punk songs. Obviously the highlight of the night.

TWITTER FEED: Underwhelming. The feed, designed for the quieter audience members to tweet their heckles, was placed in a tiny banner at the top of the stage’s backing screen, making it impossible to read through our thick pairs of beer goggles. Oh, and each tweet only popped up for about three seconds.

FEMALE CAST MEMBERS: More than the number of women in Tony Abbott’s cabinet; less than the number of jokes made about Tony Abbott’s cabinet.

VOICE-OVER: Stuttery.

PUNS: A metric fuckton of them. Some puns were incredibly complex


THE SHOW: Surprisingly concerned with sticking to its Wizard of Oz theme. Contained a number of sketches that were just people dancing under strobe lighting. Recommended for masochists/alcoholics.

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