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Queer Revue: Peter Pansexual (Georgia Kriz)

Georgia Kriz went to Peter Pansexual and discovered that she never has to be defined by her sexuality again

Disclaimer: I had a lot of friends performing in Queer Revue: Peter Pansexual. Before going to see it, I was really nervous that I might have to write a bad review, thus offending said friends and becoming friendless and forever alone. Luckily for me, it was a really bloody great show.

Directors Tom Murphy and Bro Reveleigh brought together a loud, proud, fabulous and unashamedly crude hour and a half worth of consistently laugh-out-loud funny skits. Highlights included the ongoing storyline starring Captain Cock and her dildo hands, the beautiful Fran Giapanni’s rendition of “I’d Gaffa Tape My Balls” (sung to ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All”), and a Julius Caesar/Romeo and Juliet/Mean Girls mashup sketch. Head Writer, Blythe Worthy, stole the show with her consistently excellent performances and lovely voice.

One of the show’s real strengths was its diverse, nuanced portrayal of the many shades of sexuality. While there were, of course, the requisite gags starring dildos and twinks, the show roamed far beyond stereotypes and sequin jokes and even came perilously close to salient social commentary in parts.

So congrats, friends, you were outrageously enthusiastic and endearing, your material was clever and sassy, and your whole show epitomised everything that is great about being queer.