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Science Revue: How We Built a Time Machine and Ruined Everything (Stella Ktenas)

Stella Ktenas wants to build a time machine to go back and watch this show again

logo_transparentScience Revue: How We Built a Time Machine and Ruined Everything ought to be renamed Science Revue: How We Built the Best Revue of 2013. The musical and dance numbers, with a cast of sixty, were tight and spectacularly executed, including a stunningly nostalgic pop-culture medley. It felt like a nonstop, joyous celebration.

There were moments when audience members were out of their seats grooving to the interactive orchestra, who were themselves a character of the Revue. If you came to laugh till you developed abs, you came to the correct revue. We met a man married to a flower pot, West Germans and East Germans, a heroin addicted Father Time, the hate filled, whisky drinking school girl Madeline, and a flood of other characters, all while the main narrative weaved through the revue. The obligatory nudity was well integrated and the public transport sketch was of quality crafting. There was exceptional acting by some of the cast, notable Robert Boddington.

My only qualm is with the unconscious patriarchal default casting of characters as male, despite the actor playing the role. Not all scientists are male. Other than this momentary annoyance, I had a tremendously marvellous night and would not mind building my own time machine to go back and watch it again.


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