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Lady Gaga praised for edgy and groundbreaking triple murder


gagaFans of Lady Gaga have taken to Twitter this week to express surprise and admiration at Lady Gaga’s latest artistic endeavour, a murderous rampage that left three innocent bystanders dead. Industry commentators have been quick to declare Gaga as back at the top of her game, after a long period of what appeared to be artistic stagnation. “After she got naked on camera and made love to that giant crystal, we all got a little worried that she’d started running out of ideas,” claims 42-year-old celebrity watcher John Brack, “but then she goes and does something like this. My God, she’s still got it.”

Although fans were happy to sing Ms Gaga’s praises, others were quick to point out similarities between Gaga’s triple murder and a similar piece of work by Courtney Love in the early nineties, sending “#WhoTheFuckIsCourtneyLove” trending on Twitter worldwide.

Fans were quick to respond to such claims, pointing out Ms Gaga’s work is completely different in that she openly admitted to the murders.

When the family of one of those involved in Gaga’s murder spree were contacted for comment on the art project, Jim Wilson, father of one of the deceased responded “How the fuck do you think we feel, she murdered a member of our family, why haven’t the police arrested her yet, this is insane,” clearly missing the artistic intent of the piece.

Fans wasted no time pointing out that the triple murder was obviously a subtle metaphor deeply woven into Ms Gaga’s narrative, with the performer acting like a “monster” in an allusion to her follower’s calling card. Gaga’s fan base also pointed out the word ‘murder’ contains the letter ‘e’, which is a clear indicator that they may be reading too much into everything she does.

Ms Gaga’s camp is remaining tight lipped on any future projects at this time, though sources have indicated the popstar has been stockpiling depleted uranium since March this year. What direction Ms Gaga chooses to take with her cache of armour piercing munitions, only time will tell.

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