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News in Revue – Week 12

Caitlin Still writes a poem about the exodus of Tony and the Burning Bush

Caitlin Still writes a poem about the exodus of Tony and the Burning Bush

So Tony thought, ‘I will go over

and see this strange sight –

why the bush burns up.’


When the LORD saw that he

had gone over to look, God

called to him from within the bush


‘Tony! Tony!’ And Tony said,

‘Here I am.’ The Lord said

‘I have indeed seen the misery


of my people in the mountains.

I have heard them crying out

because of the carbon tax.


I am sending you to the mountains

to bring my people the mountain-dwellers

into safe Liberal seats. And this


will be the sign to you

that it is I who have sent you:

When you have spoken


of strange weather, you will continue

to deny climate change

on this mountain.’ Tony


said to God, ‘Suppose they ask me

why all the flames? Then what shall I

tell them?’ God said to Tony

‘I AM WHO I AM.’ This

is what you are to say

to the Australian public, ‘I AM


has sent me to you

to save you from the carbon tax.

(yet when Tony said, I AM WHO


I AM, Shorten, unconvinced said,

“Mean you, Tony, yourself or myself

or let’s not bring politics or religion


into this, thou upstart poet of

Honi Soit.”) The LORD said, ‘The elders

of Australia will listen to you.


Say to them, “Let me take

a three-day journey  into the wilderness,

and proclaim from the mount


that climate change is crap.”’ So you will

shrug your shoulders at the wonders

I will perform on your land


and so you will wonder at the

scorching summer, and so your people

will plunder the desert.’

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