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Reporter Awards!

Honi Soit celebrates the published works that defined the paper this year, and the reporters who made them possible

Best feature

WINNER: Death 2.0 – Tom O’Brien

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Silent Sexuality – Ben Brooks

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Out of Focus – Caitlin Still


Best profile

WINNER: The Brothers Kebabazov – Lucy Bradshaw

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Australia First, minorities second – Max Weber

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Profile: Hall Greenland – Dom Bowes


Best creative piece

WINNER: Stalin’s Cock and Oxford Tories: Courtney Love is still out there – Daniel Swain

HIGHLY COMMENDED: News in Revue – Bro Reveleigh

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Ward 9, Bed 23 – Lane Sainty


Best cover

WINNER: Look again – Alexandra Mildenhall

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Kiss My Fat Ass – Cleo Gardiner

HIGHLY COMMENDED: What’s in your head? – Anita Maritz


Best news piece

WINNER: Indigenous students: don’t go to Indigenous festival – Madeleine King

HIGHLY COMMENDED: UniVerse: Free school at Wollongong – Phoebe Moloney

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Harvard researchers get high…then drunk – Lachlan Munro


Best arts & culture

WINNER: Justin Bieber: the Larkin of our generation? – Lulu Smyth

WINNER: Bathhouses aren’t just for bathing – Lucy Hughes Jones

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Hikkikomori: the art of isolation – Jeremy Elphick

HIGHLY COMMENDED: “Fucking Abbott”: Gould’s Book Arcade – Andre Fenby


Best comedic piece

WINNER: Gillard cures cancer in spare time, approval rating plummets – Cameron Smith

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Melissa Doyle not only replaced in Sunrise family, but in real family too – Tom Murphy

HIGHLY COMMENDED: No, Prime Minister – Neha Kasbekar


Best all rounder reporters




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