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These chicks don’t even know the name of my band: Okin Osan

Meet the band that took out third place in this year’s band comp

Give us a little introduction of the band and who does what.

Okin Osan aka Rose Chan is a combination of 50s rock ‘n’ roll and 80s American punk. At the moment, I only use songs that I wrote when I was 13 to 18 – ie. when I was living the teenage dream aka Livin’ La Vida Loca. I sing and play guitar (scream, shred and make inappropriate jokes) and a rotating line up of friends join me on drums, bass and synth. These include my official Junior Vice President Thomas “Hay-Z” Hayes, Rainbow “Chan-ye East” Chan and real life cousins Dan Finn and Andrew Stapleton.

 What do you guys do outside of Okin Osan?

Outside of Okin Osan, I drown in readings because I’m doing 5 subjects for a BA in languages and music at Usyd. Tom also goes to Usyd and is doing Honours in cultural studies. Rainbow graduated from Usyd with BA in music.

 How did you get into music?

Mum and Dad thought that teaching music was a good backup career so we were encouraged to get classical training. My grandma also used to babysit me and from that, I exclusively listened to 50s and 60s hits Lionel Ritchie style: all – night – long. After finishing all the AMEB grades in flute and piano, I decided to play more punk (which is loosey goosey) because I was getting RSI in my wrists and fingers.

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Okin Osan

 You played in the ‘Since I Left You’ set at the OutsideIn Festival.  What was that like?

Rehearsing for the Since I Left You show was probably the best time of my life. Every rehearsal ended in tears of joy from laughter and every meal was so delicious. All the guys in the band Jonti, Moses, Dan, Moktar, Steve, Tess, Matt, Vanessa and Rainbow are some of the most important people in my life right now – legit, no joke, too legit to quit.

If your music could be the score to an imaginary film, what would the film be about?

The Okin Osan scored imaginary film would most likely be about a teenager rebelling against the man. At school, they would take on too many subjects and clubs, get straight A’s without trying and abuse the power they get from their leadership roles. They would be protective of their friends and family and fight anyone that comes close to hurting them. Either that or a documentary about the seahorse’s reproductive cycle.

 You came third in the Band Competition this year.  Where is that taking you?

Our show at Band Comp was probably the best show we’ve ever played. It was a TP – turning point, quite literally – because I started facing the audience. Coming third has gotten me a couple of shows lined up. I’m sure I’ll catch up to past winners The Vines, Josh Pyke, The Jezebels, etc, etc, slowly but surely. But hey, if I don’t, then at least I got some lolz.

 Winners of the USYD band comp have gone onto do some great things.  What will you do when you become stinking rich?

When I become stinking rich, I will pay off my parent’s mortgage and send them on a worldwide trip which I may or may not join them on. I will then buy a mansion where there is a padded playroom specifically for my dogs and a mini jungle for my cats. Hopefully I will be well on the way to finding my toyboy future husband, who will be born this year.

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