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Review: Iron(ic) Lady at the Red Rattler

Shannen Potter enjoyed herself … unironically

ironic ladyIron(ic) Lady is an apt title for Sarah Gaul’s one-woman musical comedy show, which is concerned with the triumphs and defeats of her smart, sarcastic persona. Her songs ranged from the deeply relatable, like the tune about her annoyingly militant vegan friend, to the uproariously absurd, like the epic in which she and a gang of school children murder her ex-boyfriend by drowning him in a stream comes to mind. But actually, I totally get where she’s coming from there.

Regardless of the subject matter, Gaul’s music is both catchy and hilarious, and the show was carried along nicely by her banter and anecdotes between songs. Gaul staring at the audience and saying in a deadpan voice, “A small musical comedy show is the high point of my life right now. I’m peaking, I’m peaking … I peaked,” is indicative the show’s sense of humour.

While this was hugely entertaining overall, there were a few missteps. Gaul’s song about homesickness was touching, but felt out of place in a set in which she sings a sexy jazz-inspired number about eating all the cheese in the fridge left when alone in her apartment for too long. A song about meeting a sexist guy in a bar started promisingly, but ultimately I had no idea whether she was supporting or criticising the things he said. I still laughed, but mostly because my boyfriend was waggling his eyebrows at me, wildly trying to determine if I disapproved.

Ultimately, Iron(ic) Lady was funny and, strangely enough, ironic. Gaul has performed this show at comedy festivals around the country with her wit and talent its clear why she’s been invited. Despite less entertaining parts of the performance, seeing Iron(ic) Lady was a great experience.

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