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A Masters of Teaching student’s ode to his Department.

Look out but not in
I can see a light
and it is dim

The noble Hector
once stood proud
defender of Paris
against a ruddy crowd
Now he kneels
behind a desk
pushing paper
like the rest

Look out but not in
for water once as wine
has now a bitter taste

The inculcated
steady at the prow
deflect our arrows
with a smile
As we cower
in confusion
and fair degrees of haste
to conformity in line and place

Look out but not in
for if we follow
we are not to blame

Enlightened interdependence
is the way
beyond the bounds
of Louise
and Bunker plays
it’s just a game
a Lotto for the lame

Look out?
Look in!
for knowledge lies within

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