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SUSF Falsely Claim Sprinter for USYD

John Gooding runs SUSF through the wringer.

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Sydney University Sports and Fitness (SUSF) have incorrectly claimed that star sprinter Jarrod Geddes attends the University of Sydney.

In a media release issued on November 5, SUSF suggested that Geddes and two of his relay teammates attend the University. “[Jin] Jung, [Nick] Hough and Geddes are all SUSF Elite Athlete Program scholarship holders and University of Sydney students,” the release states.

This statement is untrue. Whilst Jung and Hough do appear to be University of Sydney students, Geddes instead attends the Australian Catholic University (ACU), where he does a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. In addition to his SUSF Elite Athlete scholarship, Geddes is also in a similar program at ACU.

Geddes has been making waves recently, with Usain Bolt’s manager Norman Peart describing him as “White Lightning” and complimenting his marketability. “He has courage, he has spunk, he’s a good-looking boy, he can articulate and has personality,” Peart told the Sydney Morning Herald. Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell has also stated that Geddes’ times are similar to what his were at the same age.

On January 15th the sprinter is set to fly out to Jamaica to practice alongside Bolt for three weeks. Whilst there Geddes says he hopes to “train with some incredibly fast people and learn training ideas that I can apply to myself.”

Sydney University Sports and Fitness receives the lion’s share of funds collected by the Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF). SUSF received $3.7m in SSAF funds last year out of a total $12m, compared with the University of Sydney Union’s $3.1m and the Student Representative Council’s $1.4m. In 2014 the SSAF will be $140.50 a semester for full time students and $105.37 a semester for part time students.

Whilst the SSAF money SUSF receives is entirely derived from University of Sydney students, their scholarships can be awarded to students attending other tertiary institutions, as previously reported in Honi Soit. The value of these scholarships can vary from free locker rental and gym membership to a variable level of financial assistance.

At the time of publication the author of the media release, SUSF Media and Communications Manager Andrew Tilley, was unable to respond to requests for comment as he was on annual leave.