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USU compo leaves bitter aftertaste

Julian Kuan on the card that is now more ACCESS-ible.

The cost of an ACCESS card has fallen from $99 to $75 in 2014. The price of multi-year cards has also fallen, with a three-year ACCESS card now sold for $175 and a five-year card for $275.

USU President Hannah Morris said the price reduction was instated to make the ACCESS card more affordable within an average student’s budget.

The new pricing structure means that current holders of multi-year ACCESS cards paid more in the past for their cards than they are now worth. Morris confirmed that the USU’s plan to compensate such members is to offer them free hot beverages, uploaded to the individual member’s ACCESS card.

Holders of three-year cards get three beverages, four-year cards four, and five-year cards five. The price of a regular flat white on campus, with an ACCESS discount, is $2.90.

ACCESS cardholder Joseph Istiphan said he thought the compensation was inadequate. “It would’ve made more sense to offer students a wider variety of options for the compensation they received that included meal or drink vouchers,” he said. “Not every Irish person loves potatoes and not every student drinks coffee.”

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