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Bitter Twitter Feud Continues Between #TeamKaty, #TeamGaga and #TeamRimsky-Korsakov

Thomas Murphy is on #TeamCulture.


The fan wars between supporters of the popular artists Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, and also those of 19th century Russian composer Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov have been reignited. It comes in the wake of all three artists’ latest releases: Prism, ARTPOP and The Best of Classical Composer Rimsky- Korsakov, respectively.

User @gagarules2244 had tweeted yesterday that “ARTPOP is a new genre in music – luv Donatella! #teamkaty just like dumb pop music!!”, with @teamkaty54 hitting back saying “#teamgaga dont no wat their sayin – PRISM is so much moer fun!! Luv Dark Horse!!”. Fergus MacLeod, conductor the London Symphonic Orchestra responded “One of the most prolific composers of Russian orchestral work in the 19th century, Rimsky- Korsakov’s sweeping and versatile pieces such as Capriccio Espanol and Scheherezade infused orientalism into the Romantic tradition seamlessly – he has truly earned his place as one of the greatest classical composers of all time. I love The Maid of Pskov!”

While fans of Gaga may claim that her five Grammys clearly outshines Perry’s zero, Rimsky-Korsakov fans have defended his lack of Grammy wins with the fact that he fathered Russia’s nationalistic style of composition in being part of the country’s ‘Mighty Five’, known for his mastery of orchestration and progressive eschewing of traditional Western-styles of composition. Furthermore, the Grammys did not exist from March 1844 to June 1908, the entire span of Rimsky-Korsakov’s life.

However, this feud between fans is nothing new. Tension between fans began in 2012 when Katy subtweeted Gaga about how disrespectful the ‘blasphemy’ in her music was, and further escalated in August 2013 when Katy appeared to wear a mermaid outfit that was allegedly ‘derivative’ of Gaga. The feud finally broke out in full in September 2013, when the Nikolay Rimsky- Korsakov Saint Petersburg Conservatory, the oldest music teaching institution in Russia, honoured the 125th year since the composition of Scheherezade, completely overlooking the works of both Perry and Gaga.