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An anonymous letter pillorying Honi Soit for several crossword errors.

Dear Honi Soit,

The past two years has seen me become an avid Honi crossword enthusiast. Each Wednesday, I pick up the Honi at Taste, flip to the back (to the puzzles section) and punch the air as I discover whether the crossword was the creation of Zplig or Janice. Now, I know your magazine doesn’t aim to target puzzlers, but if you choose to include a puzzle section – do it right, or don’t do it at all. The last two weeks’ crosswords have not been up to scratch. First and foremost, there was no cryptic crossword this week. Waaa?? Secondly, with regards to this week’s quick one, there was no creator identified. AND – it was riddled with mistakes: there was no sign of a clue for 25 down, there was a word in the crossword that wasn’t even labelled (the 2-letter word from the ending of 20-across) and there were an incorrect number of letters in the brackets following a clue (31-down). I urge you to do a little bit of proof reading, and more importantly – to find crossword makers who are passionate about delivering cryptic (and other) crosswords of the highest standard! Bring on Zplig and Janice… pronto!