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Dicks on campus

Lane Sainty points out an architecture student’s wet dream.

Photo by Lane Sainty.

The Anderson Stuart Building is second only to the Quadrangle when ranking examples of neo-gothic architecture at Sydney University.

Designed by James Barnet and completed in the late 18th century, the building was named after Sir Thomas Peter Anderson Stuart, founder of the Sydney University Medical School. Today, the Anderson Stuart architecture is appreciated by students lunching on the law lawns and snap-happy tourists who frequent USyd campus on the weekends.

However, no historical fact or attempt at contextualization is able to explain the design of the wrought iron balcony that runs along the edge of the courtyard.

Whether an accidental or a deliberate nod to the fact the Anderson Stuart Building homes the Discipline of Anatomy, the balcony currently holds the title for The Most Phallic Thing On Campus.

But our eyes and ears cannot be everywhere, dear readers, and now Honi throws the gauntlet down to you. Is there a piece of infrastructure on this campus more phallic than this balcony? We challenge you to find it, photograph it, and send it to:

(But no actual dick pics please – Eds.)