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From the Boardroom to the Courtroom

Honi Soit presents the full timeline of events in the Tom Raue case.


31 August, 2012

USU Board Director Tom Raue receives a censure from the Board.

The censure motion is based upon: comments made by Raue concerning members of controversial pro-life club, ‘LifeChoices Sydney’; a denouncement of the USU for approving the society, in his capacity as SRC Vice President, in a report published by Honi Soit; and for encouraging members of the Sydney University Atheist Society to boycott Interfaith Week, a USU program.

June 21, 2013

Raue is elected unopposed as Vice President of the USU.

24 September, 2013

USU Vice President Tom Raue leaks confidential information from an internal report to Honi Soit.

Raue’s information reveals the University had some degree of control over police during industrial action, which took place last year and resulted in numerous reports of police brutality and injuries to students.

Raue cites the significant value of “the public interest” in his decision to disclose this information, contrary to the wishes of the other Executive members the Board.

30 September, 2013

The USU releases a ‘Board Blog’, which seeks to remove Raue from office following alleged “serious misconduct” regarding the “deliberate disclosure of confidential information” contrary to USU Regulations, Duty Statements and Handling of Grievances Policy.

10 October, 2013

The meeting to dismiss Raue is delayed further by the grant of an interlocutory injunction from the NSW Supreme Court. The matter is scheduled to be heard before the Court, on 25 October, 2013.

15 November, 2013

Following a series of procedural delays, the matter is brought before the Supreme Court in mid-November.

The proceedings, initiated by Raue, contest the constitutional validity of the Board’s authority to dismiss Directors and further challenge the allegation of “serious misconduct”, put forward by the Board on 30 September, 2013.

USU CEO Andrew Woodward, President Hannah Morris, Vice President Tom Raue, Honorary Treasurer Sophie Stanton, Human Resources Manager Sandra Hardy, and Events Manager Lee Devereux appear as witnesses to testify on these issues.

The case is adjourned till December 6; the interlocutory injunction is extended to December 9.

20 December, 2013

Further procedural delays postpone the final day of the Court. The matter is heard on December 20, with both parties providing closing submissions.

With special thanks to Xioran Shi, Max Chalmers, and John Gooding for past and ongoing coverage of the proceedings.