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Instagram Receives Likes for Reason Other Than Mutual Smugness

Lucy Connell grams her every meal, the fucker.

Image: Nicola, via Flickr.

At 7.45pm on Tuesday, USyd student Tanya Greenwood was amazed to find herself clicking ‘like’ on a friend’s Instagram, because she was genuinely pleased for them.

“I guess I normally just hope that, in return, they will like my photos of an orange arranged on a vintage lace tablecloth,” she confessed. “So it was extremely weird to just be happy for my friend and her organic muffin.”

Other users of the social media app remained sceptical. “I don’t think that could be true,” said Daniel Firth, 22.

“Personally I just browse Instagrams related to glamorous holidays I have been on. That way you can both feel a bit smug about the fact that you have been there.”

“For instance,” he enthused, “I recently got nearly 30 likes on the back of #bungy and #Tunisia.”

An Instagram spokesperson released a statement on Wednesday seeking to contain the controversy.

“Instagram remains committed to its core values of proving how hipster you are, and performatively having a good time.”