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Kade has a Quadgasm

A letter from Kade Denton.

Photography by Merryjack via Flickr.

I would like to thank the editors of Honi for drawing student attention to my (healthy) Quad obsession (Honi, Page 6, Week 3, 2014).

In light of this I would like to share my 5 favourite fun facts about the USYD Quad.

1. The quad took over one hundred years to build. Construction was delayed multiple times due to World War One and sandstone shortages in New South Wales.

2. The Clock tower is home to the only grotesque*  in the world to be in the style of a Kangaroo.

3. In 1989 a fire broke out in the south-east corner of the Quad damaging roof timbers in both the south and east ranges. The damaged roof was later restored.

4. The jacaranda tree was originally planted in 1927 in preparation for a visit to the university by the Duke and Duchess of York. However, the original tree was repeatedly pulled out by students until one was planted too large to be pulled out.

5. The quad is home to one of only two Carillons in Australia. The other being on Aspen Island in Canberra.

I trust that these facts will be well received and hope that one day all on campus will look upon the quad with as much love as I do.

Kade Denton

USU Board director

*A style of decorative painting or sculpture consisting of the interweaving of human and animal forms with flowers and foliage.